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70 year old land turtle found trapped in fridge among Acapulco rubble

Acapulco, Guerrero — Patrolling Guardia Nacional in Acapulco ruins confirmed the discovery of a large land turtle. The turtle was found by area residents trapped inside a refrigerator among hurricane rubble.

Members of the National Guard (GN) located the land turtle, which they say, became displaced during the impact of Hurricane Otis.

When carrying out surveillance tours, National Guard personnel received a citizen report about a land turtle in the Granjas del Marqués neighborhood. According to the report, the turtle was trapped in a refrigerator that was found among rubble.

The turtle is seen enjoying cabbage after being rescued from inside a fridge. Photo: Guardia Nacional November 4, 2023.

The gopher tortoise was found and said to be approximately 50 kilos in weight and more than half a meter long. One of the men provided the turtle with food. After eating a healthy dose of cabbage and lettuce, the turtle was transferred to the Civil Protection authorities of the state of Guerrero.

Authorities have since reunited the turtle with its owners, who say he is 70.