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23 injured in Oaxaca after suspension bridge collapses

Santos Reyes Nopala, Oaxaca — Twenty-three people were injured after a suspension bridge over a body of water collapsed. The collapse happened in the town of Santos Reyes Nopala in the state of Oaxaca Saturday night.

The State Coordination for Civil Protection reported that the 12 adults and 11 injured minors received medical attention in different hospitals in the Nopala and Puerto Escondido area.

Those walking on the wooden suspension bridge at the time of the collapse fell into the tributary below. They were on their way to a holiday posada just before midnight when the bridge gave way.

Bulmaro Sánchez Vázquez, mayor of Santos Reyes, said that the families of those affected will be put up next to the municipal hospital.

According to the Santos Reyes Nopala City Council, the bridge was last maintained in August. At the time, there was a complete replacement of the wooden planks.