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15 vehicles stolen from Cancun found in Tabasco, Campeche

Villahermosa, Tabasco — A total of 15 vehicles reported stolen from Cancun were recovered in the cities of Tabasco and Campeche with the help of GPS.

According to a statement from the Public Safety and Citizen Protection Department of the State, 11 stolen cars have been recovered from Tabasco including six Nissan Versas, four Volkswagen Jettas and one KIA Sorento.

The Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection says the vehicles were recovered from four municipalities in the city of Tabasco and were likely earmarked for illicit sales. All 11 of the vehicles were part of the 15 reportedly stolen from a leasing company at the Cancun International Airport.

In their public statement, they said “In different operations, and with the help of GPS technology, elements of the SSPC recovered seven vehicles in Paraíso, two in Centro, one in Comalcalco and another one in Cárdenas.”

The 11 recovered vehicles were placed at the disposal of the State Attorney General’s Office in Villahermosa for investigation. The other four stolen vehicles were also recovered, but in the state of Campeche.