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11 Cancun criminal gang members captured on charges of drugs, weapons and murder

Cancun, Q.R. — The Quintana Roo State Attorney General’s Office reports that 11 people related to drugs, weapons and murder, have been captured in Cancun. In a press release, the state attorney said the nine men and two woman were captured Tuesday in a Cancun operation.

The agency reported that the operation, which was carried out on the streets of the Villas Otoch Paraíso residential area, resulted in the arrests of Rudy “S”, Ana “O”, Luis “R”, Karla “D”, Israel “A” and Raúl “C”.

In a second intervention in the same area, William “Z”, José “N” and Mauricio “G were captured. From there, they also noted that two minors were arrested.

The FGE explained that upon their arrests, three firearms were located and seized along with ammo and 138 doses of various narcotics.

“In accordance with first interviews and the analysis of the data available to the Prosecutor’s Office, it is known that, of the total detainees, four are related to four homicides that were verified in Region 259 in the last two months. Among them is that of a 13-year-old teenager” who was shot and killed in Cancun on December 15.

The state attorney said from these arrests, it has been possible for them to identify other members of this same criminal group who are already wanted by the police.