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Yucatan police detain man wanted in Cancun on homicide charges

Mérida, Yucatán — Agents of the State Investigative Police in the neighboring state of Yucatan report the arrest of José Luis C.Y. who was wanted for homicide in Cancun.

La Policía Estatal Investigadora say the 36-year-old suspect was taken into their custody after being stopped at a checkpoint along the Cancun-Mérida highway when trying to enter the city of Mérida. A review of his name alerted police to his outstanding arrest warrant.

José Luis is wanted by Cancun courts for the crime of homicide that dates back to 2017 in the residential neighborhood of Jordán where one male, Jesús Antonio R.H. was shot and killed. Reports note the body of the deceased was hit more than 10 times by gunfire.

Yucatan police notified Quintana Roo authorities as to the detainment of José Luis C.Y, who traveled to the region to formally arrest him.