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Youths remain in Cozumel custody after pair of minors reported missing

Cozumel, Q.R. — Two adults were taken into custody after police found two missing minors inside their Cozumel home. Their arrests were made Saturday after the parents of the two boys reported them missing Friday evening.

The parents made the report to Cozumel police who had Atención a la Violencia Intrafamiliar y de Género (GEAVIG) personnel attend to the report. They were located Saturday by the specialized Family Violence Geavig officers inside a private home.

The two young boys were reported missing Friday night after they failed to return to their respective homes after playing in a nearby park.

“According to versions of the parents, Friday night they had the last contact with one of their children, so they reported it to 911 and received a visit from Public Security elements who asked for support to set up a search that lasted all morning,” Policia Cozumel reported in a statement.

“Saturday morning they received information about a probable address where the minors were located, so elements went to the address and after obtaining permission for access, they managed to enter and confirm the presence of the minors reported along with others and two adults,” their statement read.

The two boys, Saul and Humberto, both 15, were removed from the home and returned to their parents, while two other boys and the two adults from inside were taken into custody. The two adults taken into custody are reported to be Honduran natives. The other two youths are reported to be from Brazil.

It is not clear if they are legal residents. Local media reports say the pair are being held after a police search of their home revealed computers with child pornography, however, Policia Cozumel report that “corresponding procedures are still being carried out regarding this case.”