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Venezuelan-Mexican criminal group of high-end jewelry thieves snagged in Tulum

Tulum, Q.R. — Five people recently arrested on narcotics charges by Secretariat of Citizen Security in Tulum are facing additional charges. Oswaldo “N”, Irvin Eduardo “N”, Iván “N”, Kelwin Leonel “N” and Felida del Carmen “N” are now facing charges of robbery.

The three Venezuelans and two Mexicans were arrested earlier this week from Itzamná Street in the residential area of Aldea Zama of Tulum. They were picked up for drug dealing. Since their arrests, the State Attorney General’s Office says they are “related to a criminal gang dedicated to the theft of high-end watches.

“The first acts of investigation relate those captured as members of a criminal gang dedicated to the theft of high-end watches who had recently committed assaults against tourists from whom they stripped of luxury watches and jewelry,” the FGE reported in a statement.

Since the beginning of January, at least three broad daylight armed robberies were recorded on security cameras in different parts of central Tulum. In each instance, the victims were stripped of their jewelry.