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Broad daylight robberies in crowded areas becoming Tulum norm

Tulum, Q.R. — Two men standing next to their car in a central area of Tulum were robbed at gunpoint Monday. The two men were quickly stripped of their personal belongings in broad daylight by two others.

The men were outside their blue car on Sagitario Street in central Tulum Monday afternoon when a surveillance camera captured one man approach the pair on foot.

Broad daylight robberies in crowded areas becoming Cozumel norm
The man in the blue helmet appears on a moto to accompany the first man in the robbery.
Photos: camera still shots January 8, 2024

He immediately began to strip one man (white t-shirt) of his personal items. When the second man stepped in, the robber (black ball hat) pointed a gun at his face. Within seconds, a second man appears on a moto. Wearing a blue helmet, he joins in the targeted robbery of the two men before speeding off.

The man standing up in the black shirt attempted to intervene but had a gun pointed in his face. He too, was robbed.
Photo: surveillance still shot January 8, 2024.

The incident happened around 2:30 p.m. Monday in the midst of heavy traffic. No one noticed and the men were able to make their getaway in seconds. Police were called.

On Sunday, two people were robbed at gunpoint while eating on an outside patio of a Tulum cafe. The two unidentified people were reported stripped of their jewelry before the lone robber walked off. Staff from the high-end eatery rushed inside as did several customers when they realized what was happening.

On January 6, an armed man is captured on surveillance entering an outdoor patio where he headed toward, what appears to be, a targeted table with gun in hand.
Photo: camera still shot. January 6, 2024.

On January 4, a similar incident took place inside a high-end Tulum barber shop. A man who appears to be in his late 20s was captured on surveillance chatting with a woman before turning to a seated client.

The man pulls out a a gun and robs a seated client inside a busy high-end Tulum barber shop. Photo: video still shot January 4, 2024.

The thief grabs a gun from his waist and aims it at the seated man as he proceeds to rip off the man’s jewelry. A woman sitting beside him quickly leaves. The robber walks out of the Tulum Avenue shop. The shop was filled with stylists and clients at the time of the robbery.