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Venezuelan man arrested in Puebla carrying more than $126,000 USD

Puebla, Mexico — A Venezuelan man has been arrested by elements of the National Guard in Puebla after being found carrying more than $126,000 USD in cash.

The discovery of the money came during a routine x-ray of the man’s luggage. Officials report that the man was attempting to travel to Guadalajara, Jalisco with his stash which consisted of $126,180 USD dollars, 400 Euros, 500 Venezuelan bolívares and 1,310 Mexican peso.

Police reviewing luggage via the airport’s x-ray reported the irregular shapes inside his bags. He was pulled over for a further review and was unable to prove the legal origin of any of the money in his possession.

The money, which was found banded in various denominations and currencies inside yellow envelopes, was seized and the man taken into police custody for the Federal Public Ministry.