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Ultramar water taxi service for Cozumel to begin in December

Cozumel, Q.R. — An executive of Ultramar says it will begin its water taxi service to the center of Cozumel starting December.

Arturo Báez Vega says Ultramar will begin with two 150-passenger boats that will be used to transport cruise ship passengers to access the city center.

“It is a transportation service between the cruise ship docks and the center of Cozumel,” says Báez Vega. “We plan to start operations in December with the start of the high season. They will be two units that will leave the pier of Puerta Maya and SSA to the pier of the center of Cozumel. They are 150 passenger vessels,” he added.

He explained that “In the forum, a study based on information that the FCCA gave us shows an economic increase could be generated for the center of Cozumel from $250,000 USD to $600,000 if we were able to transport 3,500 passengers.”

This money would benefit restaurants, small businesses, service providers, convenience stores and even taxi drivers themselves, as they believe there would be people who want to take ground transportation services.

The service will be round trip, he noted, saying the cost will be $8 USD.

“Transferring 3,500 tourists, which is feasible on a day full of cruises, would be practically impossible to do in taxis,” he said adding that “Land and water transport can work harmoniously.”