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Two wildfires in one day keep Playa del Carmen firemen busy

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two brush fires in one day kept local firemen busy dosing flames and evacuating a nearby school.

The first fire was reported to Emergency 911 after someone spotted flames along the federal highway near a school. Municipal authorities quickly arrived to evacuate all 180 Weston students after the fire was found to be on a vacant lot next to the school.

Members of the Heroico Cuerpo de Bomberos of Solidaridad, along with Protección Civil and Seguridad Pública, reported that the fire quickly spread, causing the evacuation of students and teachers.

The second fire of the day had firemen heading in a different direction after another 911 call revealed burning brush near 85th Avenue with Constituyentes. Firemen rushed to that scene to control flames since wind gusts were strong and the threat of the fire spreading was high.

Yivi Méndez, director of the Fire Department along with Luis Pimentel, director of Urban Image and Emmanuel Hedding, operational director of Civil Protection and Fire were on scene and say their inquiries indicated that it was caused by someone burning garbage.

Both fires were contained with no reported injuries in either case.