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Two officials removed from prison duties after investigation into inmate escape

Chetumal, Q.R. — Two of the more than 20 subject to investigation for the escape of inmate José Luis Contreras Gutiérrez, have been separated from their positions at the state’s Centro de Reinserción Social (CERESO) prison in the capital city of Chetumal.

The two removed from their positions were separated by the presumption of omission in the performance of their duties. The removal is part of an ongoing investigation into at least 20 people at Cereso, including police, guards and cell mates, after an inmate escape June 22.

According to video obtained by the Ministerial Police, the inmate bent the bars of his cell and entered the prison yard where he was successful in jumping into a parking lot and from there, into brush.

The commander of the guard and the custodian in charge of the Chetumal Social Reintegration Center (Cereso) were the first to be suspended. Additional actions could also be applied to other custodians and police officers in charge of surveillance on the perimeter fence and watchtower as investigations progress.

José Luis Contreras Gutiérrez was recaptured by Chetumal police after being free for a little more than 30 hours. He was rearrested in the Fraccionamiento Caribe where he took refuge in the home of a relative. According to prison authorities, his sentence will not be increased, however, he will lose the possibility of early release of which he was a candidate for good behavior.