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Two Cancun city workers suspended after viral video of physical altercation with citizens

Cancun, Q.R. — The Benito Juárez City Council began an investigation against two employees after they were videoed participating in an attack against two citizens. The physical altercation happened Friday night.

By Saturday, the video began to circulate showing the two city employees fully engaged in a physical altercation with two citizens, a man and his daughter, outside a convenience store. The altercation began when the man was asked to move his parked car from the handicapped stall. The discussion got out of hand.

Following the video release, the Cancun government launched an investigation against the officials. On Sunday, the Benito Juárez City Council released a statement:

“The Benito Juárez City Council reports that upon having knowledge of a video on social networks where an incident to the detriment of a citizen is observed, two people were identified as municipal employees – one in a uniform – which initiated an investigation through the municipal Comptroller’s Office.

“With regard to public servants, a period of suspension of their work was ordered by the Comptroller and will begin as the investigations are carried out for the delimitation of responsibilities.

“Likewise, the case will be turned over to the authorities of the State Attorney General’s Office for the respective procedure. In the same way, a call is made to those involved to present the complaints so they can be addressed in the corresponding instance and follow the corresponding legal procedure.

“One of the fundamental premises of the Benito Juárez City Council is the fight against violence, the fight against impunity in any of its forms, and absolute respect for human rights since citizens are at the center of Benito Juárez priorities.

“This administration reiterates that its workers must act with ethics that reflect the values of public servants at the service of their citizens.”