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Two Americans arrested for attempting to smuggle ammunition over Sonora border

Nogales, Sonora — Elements of the National Guard arrested two Americans and seized their vehicle after finding more than 9,900 cartridges and 37 long gun magazines.

Elements of the Guardia Nacional (GN) made the capture at the Garita 1 Puerta de México in Nogales during a custom inspection to fight the flow of illegal weapons entering Mexico from the United States. The arrest of the two Americans was carried out when a pick-up truck with Arizona license plates attempted to flee during an inspection at customs.

The incident occurred when officials discovered the pickup truck had a concealed compartment in the back of the cabin. Upon that discovery, the pair attempted to flee, only to hit a concrete wall after the driver lost control of the truck.

The two, who were US citizens, were arrested and their load of illegal cargo seized along with their vehicle. Both have been registered in the National Detention Registry.