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Tulum to complete five major projects before end of year

Tulum, Q. R. — Before the end of the year, the municipality of Tulum will see the completion of at least five major projects. Carlos Efraín Yama Moguel, head of the General Directorate of Municipal Public Works and Services, said the projects set for completion before the end of 2022 come in at around 47.7 million peso.

He said some of those projects include the pedestrian project and the underground electrification and lighting on Tulum Avenue between Acuario and Alfa Streets, which together cost around 10.2 million peso.

Another similar project will be the running of underground electric wires on the west side of Tulum Avenue. That project will cost just over 11 million peso.

Another project, also for 11 million peso which is nearly finished, is the rehabilitation of the Punta Allen road. The modernization of Cobá Avenue from Tulum Avenue to Public Security is another project set for completion by the end of the year with a cost of around 10.5 million peso.

Traffic light work at the intersection of Tulum and Kukulcán Avenues is also on the municipality’s agenda and is about to start. The budget for that project is 5 million peso.

Yama Moguel clarified that all of the projects are being done with the Tulum City Council’s own finances. Most were started during the July and August summer months and are set for completion before the arrival of the New Year.