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Tulum mayor says first year of work was intense

Tulum, Q.R. — Víctor Mas Tah, who has completed one year as mayor of Tulum, says it has been an intense year of work.

He says his first year of leading the municipality has consisted, in part, of dealing with garbage collection issues, repairing damaged and unpaved roadways, expanding drainage networks, public cleaning and improving public street lighting, all unresolved issues that were left behind by the previous administration.

Mas Tah says the improvements implemented in Tulum during the past year, has transformed the image of the municipal capital and surrounding communities.

Throughout the municipality, projects have been completed and better services provided, which indicates that the change has created a greater social well-being, however, he says there is still a lot to do because the municipality suffered from poor administrations throughout the previous years.

In the early days of the new government, Víctor Mas Tah says he focused on solving the problem of garbage noting today, the public cleaning service is one of the most efficient in Quintana Roo. Given the environmental contingency caused by negligence in the management of the landfill by the previous administration, a new cell was built that allows not only the collection of solid waste, but also recycling and composting.

Mas Tah reports that in terms of health, the first municipality health center in the Mayan community of Chanchen I, was built. He adds that around the municipality, roads, paved streets and bike lanes have also been rehabilitated, while on the beaches, a company was hired for daily beach cleaning which includes the removal of not only garbage, but also sargassum.

He also stated that in terms of security, much remains to be done, but there is ongoing dialogue with federal, state and other municipal authorities for the implementation of strategies that, in a coordinated manner, will allow the recovery of peace and tranquility, noting that the National Guard will arrive shortly for greater safety.