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Tulum first to make public arrest for lack of mouth mask

Tulum, Q.R. — The city of Tulum has been the first to make a public arrest for a citizen failing to wear a mouth mask while in a public place.

The arrest took place in central Tulum Tuesday when elements of the Municipal Police arrived after seeing two young men taking photos. Only one was wearing a mouth mask. Police approached the second youth, asking if he had a mask to which he replied “no”. Police then offered him a mouth mask for free, which he declined saying he didn’t want it.

The young man was then escorted to the nearby police unit where he was ushered in the back and outfitted with a mouth mask while being driven to police facilities. It is the first known public arrest of a citizen for failing to abide by the state’s mandatory health protocol of wearing a mouth mask when in a public place.

Quintana Roo Police are reminding citizens that an arrest of up to 36 hours and / or a fine can be applied to those failing to abide by the mandatory health protocols.