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Tulum to begin road repair after extensive rain damage

Tulum, Q.R. — A week of heavy rain has left many Tulum roadways in a state of deterioration, says it’s mayor, who has implemented an emerging road repair program.

Numerous roadways including streets of the municipal capital as well as the coastal road, suffered extensive damage after the region was waterlogged by heavy rainfall. Municipal president Victor Mas Tah says that during the next few days, work will begin to repair the damaged roadways through Programa Emergente de Reparación de Vialidades.

Mas Tah says William Conrado Alarcón, la Secretaría de Obras Públicas (SEOP), will head the repair project.

“Repairs will be carried out in the city and along the coastal highway with resources that the state will be providing. Therefore, on Monday, the machinery needed by the SEOP will be arriving in the municipality so they can perform the work once the weather conditions allow it,” he said.

He explained that the work will begin five days after the last rain, which is the dry-time required before repaving can begin, otherwise, they would only be wasting labor and material.

Víctor Mas Tah asked citizens to have a little patience, noting they are working hard to solve the problem as soon as possible.