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Trio found driving stolen car with firearm and large quantities of narcotics removed from Cancun streets

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun authorities have detained three men on drug and firearm charges. The trio were picked up Monday along Revolución Avenue in SM 76 after police saw three men in a parking lot handling bags of what was suspected to be narcotics.

Police also saw two vehicles parked near the men. When police made their presence known, all three made a run for the same car. They hopped inside a white Honda in an attempt to escape, but their vehicle was blocked by the police unit and prevented from leaving the parking lot.

One of the men, identified as Alberto “N”, became aggressive during the inspection, wielding a loaded handgun at police who were able to disarm him.

An inspection of the men and their vehicles revealed large quantities of marijuana, cocaine and crystal meth as well as a loaded handgun and seven pieces of identification issued by the Agencia de Seguridad Integral SA de CV.

Police also learned that one of the two cars, the white Honda CR-V used for their attempted escape, was reported as stolen. Cancun police have detained Giovanny “N”, Alberto “N” and Erick “N” for auto theft and drug and firearm charges.

Erick “N” was transferred to hospital for medical treatment under police guard.