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Three arrested for posing as Cancun city personnel

Cancun, Q.R. — The Quintana Roo Police of Benito Juárez detained three people for their alleged participation in the crime of extortion, usurpation of functions and use of false documents.

It was in SM 96 of Cancun where a citizen denounced that three men posing as personnel of the H. Benito Juárez City Council, went to her home asking for money in exchange for not fining her for a construction project.

When she refused to pay, the three climbed aboard a red Golf, to which she reported to police. The trio were found driving on Chichen-Itza Avenue with Comalcalco Avenue. Police report the arrests of 27-year-old José N, 35-year-old Jesús N and 27-year-old William N.