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Three Aguakan workers fired after being arrested in company truck with guns, drugs

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Three Aguakan workers have been relieved of their jobs after being arrested while using a company vehicle. The trio were arrested by patrolling Puerto Morelos police Tuesday after the driver was found to be intoxicated.

They were considered suspicious by police after being seen parked outside a public park with their lights off. A complete review of the three men and their work truck also revealed a loaded weapon, pot and a scale. Taken into police custody were 32-year-old Nelson N along with 21-year-old Javier N and 22-year-old Brando N.

Through a statement, Aguakan confirmed that the three were company workers, but that they have already been fired.

“The indicated persons, taking advantage of the trust granted to them for the performance of their duties, withdrew the aforementioned vehicle from the Aguakan facilities without authorization. As of today, the people involved in this event are no longer part of the company,” they said.