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Taqueria kitchen fire reaches Cancun apartments in commercial plaza

Cancun, Q.R. — A fire that broke out in a small eatery spread to another store before reaching the above apartments. Several families were left homeless after the fire spread to the upper level apartments of the commercial plaza Thursday night.

Cancun firemen were on scene in Region 249 after reports of quickly moving flames that reportedly began in the kitchen of a taqueria. Before firemen arrived on Zahona Street, flames had already consumed a next-door Six convenience store.

Despite their efforts, the fire reached the above apartment units, located on the third floor of the building. Reports say approximately 80 percent of the building was damaged in the fire.

Once flames were out, personnel from Civil Protection proceeded to close the building until an official degree of structural damage can be determined. City inspectors did, however, allow apartment residents to briefly return to collect some personal items.

The building will remain closed. Officials will visit the site Saturday to determine the fate of the building.