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Swerving Cancun driver killed after dozing at wheel

Cancun, Q. R. — One person was killed in a Cancun accident that left a private pickup destroyed. The two-vehicle accident happened behind the airport between a semi trailer and pickup truck during the early morning hours of Sunday.

The driver of the semi reported the accident to emergency services. Members of National Guard were first on the scene followed by federal police who requested the support of an ambulance.

Medical personnel from Cancun arrived to provide help to the man found trapped behind the wheel of his truck. However, he was pronouned dead at the scene. Cancun firemen were requested to help remove the trapped body.

According to early information, the driver of the pickup truck was traveling from the Huayacán junction toward Highway 307 when he dozed at the wheel and swerved into the oncoming lane.

His truck sideswiped the fast moving semi, sheering off the entire driver’s side cab.