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Semana Santa Segura sees increase in beach and road surveillance for Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Additional security has been added to island streets with the official arrival of Easter. With thousands expected, Isla Mujeres mayor Atenea Gómez Ricalde began the Semana Santa Segura or Easter Operation.

The general director of Isls Mujeres Civil Protection, Guillermo Morales López, said that the security operation will focus mainly on the surveillance of beaches, roads and busy points.

Island Civil Protection, Public Safety, firemen and health, the municipal agencies involved in the Operation, will be working in coordination with the Red Cross, State Civil Protection, the Port Captaincy, the Secretary of the Navy, the National Guard and Ministerial Police.

Celestino Palomo Balam, the general director of Public Security and Traffic of Isla Mujeres, pointed out that they have a work plan to reinforce security for residents and the thousands of tourists expected.

The Easter Operation will be implemented on both the island and the Mainland Continental Zone of Isla Mujeres. For the island, a group of 10 officers will monitor the island’s tourists areas and shops in the first square.

Security is increased for Easter

Police will patrol Rueda Medina Avenue to control the flow of vehicles, prevent double parking and ensure road signs are respected.

Palomo explained that there will be three command posts distributed on the main beaches of Playa Norte, Playa Mia, Playa Centro, and in each, will be police. In Punta Sur there will be two elements, six in the center of Isla Mujeres touring the banks and shops and another six will remain along the beaches.

On Isla Mujeres mainland, 15 colonies, including the town of Francisco May, will be part of the Easter Operation (Semana Santa Segura) surveillance and security program to maintain order and security.

A police filter will be in place along Laguna Manatia as well as Gastón Alegre Avenue and the main road that separates Isla Mujeres from Cancun.