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Sea turtle nesting season officially begins for Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The sea turtle nesting season has begun on Puerto Morelos beaches with the municipality’s first arrival. The news was announced by biologist Verónica Juárez who said that the first nest is that of a loggerhead.

It was located in Punta Brava on May 3, and since then, two more nests have been found. Juárez said that the other two nests were located in the same area of Punta Brava, which is a protected turtle camp.

She says now that the sea turtles are beginning to arrive, surveillance will begin to monitor and protect nests.

“If you observe a female nesting on the beach, do not approach or make noise since they are very easily scared and their process can be interrupted, which causes them to return to the sea without laying eggs.

“Do not take photos with a flash because it hurts their eyes. Sea turtles carry out their nesting process at night. Because of this, they have great visual sensitivity,”.s he explained.

Likewise, he said that the lights facing the sea should be turned off, since the turtles need complete darkness to carry out their nesting process, which gives them security.

“This recommendation also applies to houses that are highly illuminated with reflectors and to vehicles that pass through the area with lights and loud music,” she said adding that the three main nesting areas in Puerto Morelos are Punta Brava, Punta Petempich and Punta Caracol.