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Schools in José María Morelos left under water after heavy rain

José María Morelos, Q.R. — At least three schools were left under water after pouring rains hit José María Morelos Tuesday. The intense rain came after the region was already soaked by rain earlier in the week.

In the community of Puerto Arturo, residents have been affected by water runoff in the lower part of the town. Asunción Núñez Medrano, Municipal Civil Protection Director, reported that the runoff did not affect homes but three schools.

The three schools were left with severly flooded playgrounds. While the amount of rain did not warrant the use of emergency shelters, it has had some effect on residents with the temporary closure of the schools.

Núñez Medrano said that the town of Candelaria was also affected by the intense rains runoff in some areas, prompting dengue fumigation in both towns.

Núñez Medrano said the low laying areas of Kankabchen, Puerto Arturo and Candelaria are normally hit the hardest when heavy rains reach the region.