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Romanians detained at Cancun International allowed to enter

Cancun, Q.R. — After three days of negotiations to comply with immigration procedures, the 114 Romanians being held at the Cancun International Airport were allowed to enter the country.

The two groups, who arrived on two different days on two different flights, were being detained by INM officials at the airport. Specifics as to their detainment were not revealed, however, reports say National Institute of Migration (INM) detained them due to a migratory alert.

Eduardo Albor, Romanian honorary consul in Quintana Roo, posted that with the intervention of Governor Carlos Joaquín González “due internment” could now be carried out.

“In my capacity as Honorary Consul of Romania in Quintana Roo, I informed them that the due admission of the group of Romanian tourists detained yesterday and the day before yesterday is being processed,” Albor posted on social media.

“I thank Inami’s office in Quintana Roo for their support and Governor Carlos Joaquín for his favorable intervention,” he added.

One group had landed in Cancun on a Lufhtansa flight from Frankfurt and the other, on a flight from AirFrance. Once immigration procedures had been cleared, the Romanian tourists were allowed entry into Mexico.