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Puerto Morelos steps up covid campaign with signs in high-contagion areas

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. –Puerto Morelos has stepped up their preventive covid campaign with signs in known high-contagion areas. Juanita Chacón Canché of the municipal Secretariat for Social Development, reported that new information banners have been placed in places of high concentration and / or influx of people.

“We continue to work hand-in-hand with the state, citizens and private initiative to reinforce that front that we have all built against the pandemic. The increase in the number of positive cases in the state in recent weeks is real, and to counteract it, it is necessary that we all participate,” she said.

She explained that signs have been placed in the Parque Fundadores in the Old Town, in the Sports Unit of the Pescadores neighborhood, along Timón Avenue at the height of La Fe and Tierra Nueva and at the Puerto Morelos-Cancun transport stop as well as near the Super Aki Plaza.

Notices have also been hung at beach entrances as well as various points throughout the municipality including the community of Leona Vicario, where there is a high concentration of people.

“We continue with the work of our Yellow Vest volunteers, who help us raise awareness among residents and tourists to continue using the mask correctly, maintain a healthy distance and constantly wash their hands or use antibacterial gel,” she said.