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Puerto Morelos protests construction of The Fives

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A group of citizens in Puerto Morelos gathered to protest the construction of a new complex, saying it has devastated flora and fauna.

Citizens gathered to protest the construction of an apartment complex by The Fives, saying that not only has the development devastated the environment, it is being constructed in an area of inadequate waste removal and is filling the Mayan aquifer.

Members of Puerto Morelos Sustentable say that one of their many concerns is the new 72-unit complex being built in an area that lacks drainage and a water treatment plant. They say they are requesting a temporary suspension of the building, having already filed a complaint with the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, with video and photos.

Councilor Jazmín Vivas Medina says “Since the denunciations of the construction began, the owners started to hire more bricklayers to hurry up and finish the work so they will only have to pay a fine. Now, we are almost 200 people that are asking for the activities to be suspended.”