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Puerto Morelos continues working to legalize Ruta de los Cenotes businesses

Puerto Morelos, Q. R. — Puerto Morelos Mayor Blanca Merari Tziu Muñoz held a meeting with service providers of Ruta de los Cenotes to legalize their businesses. Merari Tziu said the goal is to establish direct communication with the business and have them legalized for the benefit of them and tourists who visit.

In a statement, the Mayor reiterated that she heads a government with open doors that listens to and serves all sectors of society. In the particular, businessmen since they are generators of employment and well-being for local families.

“Today we are establishing this dialogue table to serve each of those who have a business on the Cenote Route and who operate, in some cases, without having a municipal operating license.

“We are here to have this first approach and listen to each and every one,” she said.

Blanca Merari Tziu highlighted that one of the objectives of her administration is to support this emblematic area of the municipality in terms of tourism so that there is progress and orderly growth.

She clarified that the regularization that is planned is only in the area of competence of the municipal government, such as the processing of operating licenses, which entails having, among other permits, the consent of Civil Protection.

Puerto Morelos City Council intends to legalize tourist services along its popular Ruta de los Cenotes.
Photo: H. Ayuntamiento de Puerto Morelos September 28, 2023.

For this reason, she announced that a regularization day will be organized for two days, on dates yet to be confirmed, in the Town Hall of the Municipal Palace, for Ruta de los Cenotes service providers.

During the meeting in which she was accompanied by the heads of the Treasury, Civil Protection, Urban Development, Expenditures, Ecology and Inspection, among other members of her work team, she received a document in which the businessmen presented a list of requests, among them, to support the paperwork in the remaining months of 2023, to start the 2024 fiscal year in order.

In this context, she promised to analyze it and personally attend to each of them.