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Public official arrested after shooting at private vehicle on Playa del Carmen highway

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A public official was arrested over the weekend after shooting at a man in another vehicle. The arrest took place at a Playa del Carmen highway police filter after the driver of a small Nissan stopped and reported the shooting.

The man, Daniel N., stopped at the filter and requested assistance, telling police his small truck had been shot at several times by a man in a Kia. Daniel N said he passed the vehicle on the highway because the driver was in the middle of two lanes, which is when he was shot at.

After providing a description, police were able to identify the Kia once it arrived. He was stopped at the filter and inspected, which is when municipal police officers found a .380 caliber squad-type firearm and a magazine under the driver’s seat.

Police also inspected the Nissan, finding several bullet holes in the back left of the vehicle. The 52-year-old Kia driver Javier N, who is a public official, was arrested and his Kia seized.