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Projects being developed to attract more tourists in southern Maya Train station areas

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Four tourist projects are being developed for train station areas in the southern region. The projects are being developed to feed Maya Train users to various segments with the intention of attracting more tourists.

Bernardo Cueto, the State Secretary of Tourism, reported that the projects are being worked on in the southern zones where Maya Train stations will be located. Without providing details, Cueto said that they are focusing on areas such as Tulum and southward that will attract more travelers and foreign currency.

The projects are being worked on with state officials and the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur) to produce products around the stations to draw more tourists.

“Tourism programs are being developed in the areas where the Maya Train will have an impact, especially in areas where there will be stations,” Cueto told the media during the 2022 Tourist Tianguis in Acapulco.

“There are programs channeled, like the one in Tulum, Río Hondo, programs that are about to start. It is necessary to anticipate that there is a tourist product there that benefits the entire population,” he said.

Last year, Miguel Torruco, the Secretary of Tourism, reported that “the suggestion is based on the infrastructure, products, services, communities and territories, which through 112 attractions or complementary destinations of cultural and nature tourism, allows us to identify the points of tourist interest to choose stays in the zone of each of the Maya Train stations.”

The four Maya Train station projects being looked at are products to feed travelers to segments such as meetings, health and wellness, retirement and romantic getaways.