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Profepa responds to report of 33 dead dolphins on La Paz beach

La Paz, Baja California Sur — A total of 33 dolphins have been found washed up dead along a La Paz beach in Baja California Sur. On Thursday, the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) reported the discovery.

The agency said they have identified 19 males, 11 females and two undetermined, were found washed up on a beach. Some of the dolphins were already in an advanced state of decomposition, which suggests they died while at sea.

In a statement, Profepa said the dolphins measured 2 to 2.2 meters in length and were brought to shore due to the waves generated from ongoing strong winds. The mammals were found by local beachgoers who made the report to federal officials.

Several agencies were involved in collecting evidence from the dolphins, which were found across a 600 meter stretch of beach. Profepa said an examination showed no signs of injuries or anthropogenic damage, so samples of fat, skin, stomach content, liver, kidney, urine, kidney gland, lung, heart and feces were taken to determine the causes of death.

Two young dolphins were reserved for autopsy purposes. The others were buried in pits.