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Proceedings move forward in dispute over Marina Chac Chi

Cancun, Q.R. — Topographers were sent to the site of the Marina Chac Chi to begin taking exact measurements of the land which belongs to the Villas Juveniles of the CREA. Personnel arrived after a complaint for dispossession was filed by the CREA and city officials shut the marina down.

The Strategic Projects Agency (Agepro) had already regained control of the property, located at kilometer 2.8 of the Cancun Hotel Zone after it was illegally sold by the Roberto Borge Angulo administration.

However, part of its beachfront and property was in the hands of a permit holder, who had built Marina Chac Chi based on a lease. Both Agepro and Apiqroo sued this person for dispossession, assuring that the contract was apocryphal.

In February, a Cancun court agreed that the documents presented to continue using the land and build an additional pier was indeed, false. Since the marina was shut, a surveillance camera has been installed.