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Cancun court revokes Marina Chac Chi concession

Cancun, Q.R. — A Cancun court has revoked the concession granted to Marina Chac Chi after a judge determined the owner used false documents. Permits to continue using the property at kilometer 3.2 of the Cancun Hotel Zone has been denied after the owner was accused of presenting false documentation.

The concession was revoked after the judge determined that the owner of the concession, Gasper N, used a fake lease agreement to extend his use of the property which the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) had granted until 2034.

Specifically, the concession was revoked due to the breach of the condition established in article 30, section V, of the Regulation for the Use and Exploitation of the Territorial Sea, Navigable Lanes, Beaches, Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone and Land Reclaimed from the Sea, consisting of complying with the provisions of the law and the Regulations as well as each and every one of the conditions of the concession.

Last week, the Cancun judge found the previous request for a concession extension in October of 2020 was denied and resolved:

“The Justice of the Union does not support or protect Gaspar Paredes Cardeña against the final judgment issued on October 1, 2020, issued by the Specialized Chamber for Environmental and Regulatory Matters of the Federal Court of Administrative Justice, in file 3983 /19-EAR-01-1”.

The property will be returned to the state.