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Private home in Tijuana seized after police find underground tunnel running to San Diego

Tijuana, Baja California — Federal officials in Tijuana have seized a private home after the discovery of an underground tunnel. According to the Attorney General’s Office, the tunnel runs to San Diego, California.

The tunnel was found after police responded to the report of an armed man on a street in the Nueva Tijuana neighborhood. When the man saw police, he ran to a house, dropping his weapon and ammo along the way.

Officers noticed the garbage outside the home contained ammunition similar to what was dropped. After being issued a search warrant, they entered the home and found the hidden tunnel.

The tunnel was concealed with a steel cover with a hydraulic system. Once inside, authorities found the tunnel was supported with beams and had light and a ventilation system. Authorities say the tunnel is approximately 242 meters long.

Authorities in Tijuana continue to investigate.