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Private businesses making repairs on Playa del Carmen’s recently remodeled Fifth Avenue

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Private businesses along Playa del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue are in the process of corrective modifications. The corrections are being made on areas of recently remodeled work done by the previous administration.

According to Fabián Antonio Herrera Quiam, the Undersecretary of Infrastructure and Public Works, the work being carried out on transversal streets are being done privately to fix issues that have come up since the streets were remodoled three years earlier.

He explained that the private businesses made the request to the city to repair the roads as a contribution since they have already begun to detoriorate.

“The request to make the repairs was made through Urban Development who asked for technical advice. We provided the specifications and it is what is being done now by private companies so that it does not contradict the reinvestment of public money,” he explained.

The replacement of paving stones is one of the corrective projects being done on the 3-year-old remodel job. Photo: November 29, 2023.

Some of the repairs being done include the replacement of paving stones that have cracked, broken or become uneven. Fabián Herrera said that around 30 percent of the three-year-old remodel project is already in poor condition.

He clarified that the Municipal Government is not investing in the repairs, which are being done along 12th Street.