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Police report shooting outside Puerto Aventuras a thwarted kidnapping

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — Police say a shooting that took place along the highway outside Paamul near Puerto Aventuras Thursday was the result of a kidnapping. Thursday afternoon, gunfire and the arrest of one male from inside a red Ford was reported.

The man, who was shot, was taken to Playa del Carmen hospital. One of the arresting officers was also injured. He suffered a minor arm injury that was treated onsite.

The incident occurred after the second federal police filter outside Playa del Carmen. According to reports, the male driver of the car had left Cancun with a couple, a man and woman, who were reportedly taken against their will.

The diver of the red Ford was on his way to Tulum with the couple. Upon reaching the second federal highway filter, he ignored the stop notice given to him by roadside officers, which lead to a pursuit. The Ford was eventually stopped on the highway near the entrance to Paamul.

It was there federal officers proceeded to arrest one male from the car after two others ran from the vehicle. They were successful in eluding police, escaping into nearby jungle. Shots were exchanged between police and those from inside the car during the incident. The kidnapped couple from inside the vehicle were safely secured by police.

In custody is 30-year-old David N. on charges of kidnapping and attempted murder. Despite a search, police were unable to locate the other two from inside the car.