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Police nab group after spotting man with gun in Tulum street

Tulum, Q.R. — A group of five in possession of firearms and narcotics have been jailed in Tulum. Municipal authorities report the arrest of four men and one woman during a surveillance tour in Dos de Octubre.

Patrolling officers reported seeing a man with a firearm exit a vehicle then attempt to flee when he saw police. His vehicle was intercepted and inspected, at which time officers located two 9 mm weapons, ammo and approximately 200 bags of crack cocaine.

A total of five people from inside the vehicle were arrested. According to authorities, the detainees respond to the names of Clara “D”, 34 years old from Veracruz, Antonio “M” 41 from Quintana Roo, Lorenzo “B” 44 and also from Veracruz and Víctor “G” 22 and Elíseo “G” 19, both from Tabasco.

Arresting officers seized their loaded weapons, ammo, narcotics, three cell phone and their vehicle. All five have since been transferred to the FGE for official processing.