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Police in Spain take down drug operation with Mexican cartel ties

Madrid, Spain — A Spanish operation that lead to the arrests of 24 is said to have Mexican cartel ties. On Friday, more than 200 Spanish officers were part of the operation. The Policía Nacional said that of those taken into custody, 13 were from Madrid and 11 from Guadalajara, Spain.

On Saturday, Spanish authorities said the organization had money laundering structure in Spain, Colombia, Switzerland and Portugal. At the Madrid site, authorities dismantled two marijuana greenhouses and two cocaine processing labs.

According to Spanish police, the investigation began toward the end of 2020 after the arrival of several Mexican nationals to Madrid. The Mexicans, who were from Sinaloa, settled in luxury residences and began cultivation work on the marijuana plantations in Guadalajara.

Through an investigation, Spanish authorities were able to identify a Mexican cartel family link after they arrived with more than 10 million Euros to settle in Spain. Their ongoing investigation lead them to learn of the purchase of luxury homes and vehicles as well as new businesses set up by the Mexican cartel members.

According to LatinUS, the Mexican cartel members “bought” officials to help them settle and obtain Spanish documentation. Police have verified that the Mexican cartel family had Spanish family ties with others who had records and convictions for drug trafficking, which made it easier for them to enter the drug market.

The Customs Surveillance Service of the Tax Agency, in a joint operation with agents of the National Police, dismantled the international criminal organization. During the raid, Spanish authorities seized 37 kilos of cocaine, 1,000 kilos of marijuana, weapons, cars, cash and properties. The value of the bust was in excess of seven million Euros.