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Pink Flamingos return to Punta Sur Ecotourism Park of Cozumel

Cozumel, Q.R. — The Punta Sur Ecotourism Park of Cozumel has had its first arrival of pink flamingos this season. Before the arrival of the winter season, the Punta Sur Ecotourism Park registered the presence of the first flock of pink flamingos in the X’tacún lagoon, birds that have become another tourist attraction.

The director of Punta Sur, Jesús Benavides Andrade, explained that their arrival is an indicator of the good state of conservation and balance of the ecosystem in the Protected Natural Area.

He mentioned that more and more flamingos are arriving at the lagoon since these birds, which are emblematic of the Yucatecan Peninsula, find a safe place to shelter and feed during the season.

He commented that although these birds are generally winter residents, there is also a record that some remain for long periods of time in the different wetlands of Punta Sur, among which are the Chunchacab lagoon, Colombia lagoon and in areas close to the Punta Celarain lighthouse.

Jesús Benavides explained that among the flamingos that have arrived in other years, the presence of ringed specimens that come from the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula has been detected, for which reason, coordinated projects are carried out with institutions that develop research projects, management and education about pink flamingos.