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People are in favor of the Maya Train AMLO defends

Mexico City, Mexico — A majority of the people are in favor of the Maya Train, says AMLO. During his Thursday press conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that the majority of the population, mainly from the southeast region, are in favor of the Maya Train.

At a morning press conference and on social networks, the president presented a video in which ejido members of Jacinto Pat in Tulum, speak out in favor of the project. He also added that the project will not damage area cenotes.

AMLO said that in addition to support, the project has the necessary permits to move forward. “We are not going to destroy the jungle. I grew up in the countryside. I know what it means to protect nature.”

He reiterated that 200,000 hectares of trees are being cultivated along the entire route and that through Sembrando Vida, $1.5 million a year is being invested in reforestation projects.

Last week, several environmental groups accused the government of devastating jungle areas and warned of collapsing caves and cenotes, especially along the Section 5 south section of track that will run through Playa del Carmen.