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Oaxaca governor confirms 11 dead and 21 still missing after passing of Hurricane Agatha

Oaxaca, Mexico — To date, 11 people have been confirmed killed and 21 reported missing after the passing of Hurricane Agatha. State governor Alejandro Murat confirmed the numbers Tuesday night after initial counts reported two dead after Agatha made landfall Monday.

Since then, death toll figures and the number of missing have continued to climb. On Tuesday night, Murat reported that work continues in the state since “the emergency has not ended” noting numerous mudslides across the region.

“We already have a number of people who are missing, there are 32. We can also preliminarily recognize that of those 32, 11 lost their lives,” he said during a radio interview.

The state of Oaxaca was the most effected by the Category 2 hurricane. Governor Murat is urging people to remain on high ground since landslides are expected to continue for several more days.

He says authorities around the state continue with rescue efforts in search of those missing. He said for that reason, death toll numbers could rise even more. Two of the deceased have been identified as children aged three and eleven.