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Nine kilometers of José María Morelos backroads being rehabilitated

José María Morelos, Q. R. — A historic section of jungle backroad that has been neglected for decades is being rehabilitated. José María Morelos Mayor Erik Borges Yam says the much used road is being expanded and leveled for better travel.

He reported that three kilometers of the dirt road that leads to Rancho Viejo, which for decades was not attended to, began rehabilitation with considerable progress.

“It is the road from La Esperanza to Javier Rojo Gómez in a 3 kilometer section and from there to Rancho Viejo, which is another six to total nine kilometers of dirt road,” he explained.

He says the work being done will allow a “greater opening on the sides and better vehicle circulation.”

Borges Yam carried out weekend supervision tours in all corners of the municipality due to ongoing public work projects. He was accompanied by councilor Luis Tun Sandoval, who also supervised the rehabilitation of the road that leads to Rojo Gómez and Rancho Viejo.

“People in this area have been abandoned for many years, but now they are cared for. They deserve the attention of their government. We are making public project efforts and there are considerable advances at the beginning of the third quarter based on the honest management of the people’s resources,” Borges Yam explained.