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Neighbor tip leads police to over 3 tons of stolen car parts

Iztapalapa, Mexico City — Police in Mexico City were tipped off to a chop shop where they found over 3 tons of stolen car parts. A neighborhood report lead cops to the area of Iztapalapa. On May 16, elements of the Secretariat for Citizen Security, in coordination with the the Attorney General’s Office, made the seizure.

According to the agencies, they found “more than three tons of stolen auto parts on a property in Iztapalapa.”

Police were tipped off with a citizen report who told them of the ongoing storage of vehicles at a private home.

“Experts arrived at the address of the property where intelligence work was carried out that made it possible to detect the entry of cars that were dismantled, so the search warrant was requested,” they explained.

Police were granted a judicial order that allowed police deployment on the property.

“Within the land, three and a half tons of auto parts, a vehicle engine and three sets of license plates with active theft reports were found and seized.”