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Murder suspect arrested among trio in Cancun drug bust

Cancun, Q.R. — A murder suspect turned up as one of those arrested in Cancun on drug and firearm charges. On Wednesday, the State Attorney General (FGE) reported on the arrests of Carlos Eduardo “N”, Audomaro “N” and Salvador “N”.

All three were taken into custody on drug charges as well as being in possession of a 9mm firearm, however, after their arrests, police identified one man for is possible relation to a May 2024 murder.

Authorities said the gun found on the trio at the time of the arrests matches that of the gun used in the May murder.

According to local authorities, Salvador “N” is being investigated for the homicide of a man that occurred in SM 107 of Cancun. The FGE says the now-deceased was shot “because he refused to comply with an order that consisted of stealing.”

In a statement, the FGE said “on the day of the events, the accused waited for the victim and followed him aboard a truck, which was driven by Salvador “N’s” girlfriend, traveling on Arrecifes Avenue in the Paraíso Maya subdivision where he shot him repeatedly.

“After the corresponding analysis, it was proven that the firearm seized by the Investigative Police is the one with which the homicide was committed.”

The three detainees, as well as the evidence secured, were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry.