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Municipality to spend 23 million to clean old Tulum dump

Tulum, Q.R. — Approximately 23 million pesos will be used for the cleanup process of the old Tulum municipal garbage dump. The open air dump, which is located at kilometer 9 of the Tulum-Cobá highway, will be cleaned with some money from 2022.

According to Vicente Francisco Aldape Moncada, Municipal Treasurer, the project is being managed with resources from the collection of the Environmental Sanitation Tax from last year as well as what’s been collected already this year.

That money is collected by municipality hotels and set aside. He said that last year, the municipality of Tulum collected 35 million pesos from the tax, of which 29 million was used to acquire eight garbage trucks.

The remainder of that 2022 money combined with collected Environmental Sanitation taxes from 2023, will be used to clean the old municipal dump.

Carlos Efraín Yama Moguel, Tulum’s General Director of Public Works and Services, explained that the project consists of building a cell and then pouring the garbage into it and covering it with inert material.

Although he did not specify a date start date, he did comment that the project is going to be tendered to a private company. He said that this first stage seeks to prevent environmental and subsoil contamination from increasing.