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Municipal projects are ongoing reports Tulum mayor

Tulum, Q.R. — Tulum mayor Marciano Duzl Caamal says municipal work projects have not been stalled. He says paving and other improvement projects have continued and that it was communication that was stalled due to the electoral campaigns.

In a press conference, Duzl explained that during electoral campaigning, the release of public informatives is limited, however, projects have been worked on during that time.

“The projects are being carried out and we are going to start with other projects that have been tendered,” said the mayor, who stressed that paving projects around the municipality is permanent, “without a start and end date.”

Duzl said that starting next week, work will begin on Coba Avenue that will see the modernization of a stretch of road toward the coast.

“Not only are we going to expand, but we are going to improve the image of that area,” he explained adding that pedestrian crossings and bicycle paths are bering considered for the area.

The mayor of Tulum also provided an update on the electrical project for Colonia Cristal.

“The electrification of the Cristal neighborhood is already in its completion phase. It is about 80 percent. Next month, work should be complete and the neighborhood should have electricity.”

Duzl added that other projects include the new weather station for Tulum, which he points out, will help during hurricane season and the paving of the circuit between Chanchen and Hondzonot in the Mayan region.