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Motorcycle driver lucky to be alive after double dump truck collision

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — A motorcycle driver was lucky to survive a double dump truck crash that involved his bike. The accident happened Monday on a section of Muna-Felipe Carrillo Puerto dirt back road.

Two dump trucks that collided hit a motorcycle on their way into the ditch. The only person injured in the multi-vehicle crash was the motorcycle driver. Two other motorcycles passing at the time of the accident stopped to help the bike driver and call for help.

Red Cross paramedics stabilized bike driver Felix “Z” at the scene before his hospital transfer. He was found with several injuries, at least one to his arm, that was considered serious.

Feliz “N”, from the community of Chunhuhub, was heading to Playa del Carmen on the dirt back road when he became involved in the accident.

The two dump trucks collided involving a passing motorcycle driver. Photo: June 9, 2024.

Two dump trucks were found run off the road, one left laying on its side and its contents spilled. Transit Police continue to investigate the exact cause of the crash.