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More than 1,600 kilos of cocaine seized after tip of sea cargo transfer

Aquila, Michoacán –The Secretary of the Navy reports a cocaine seizure of approximately 1,600 kilos. The seizure was made earlier in the week by personnel assigned to the Fourteenth Naval Zone.

The large drug bust was made after they learned a of sea transfer of illicit cargo. The cargo was set to be transported by sea off the coast of Aquila in the state of Michoacán.

Various units were deployed by air, sea and land. A Persuader plane located a total of three boats with outboard motors. Two surface units carried out surveillance in the event the boats made landfall.

As anticipated, the boat’s three crew headed for the nearest beach where they were intercepted by waiting Navy personnel. There, they found the 32 packages of cocaine that they reported, totaled around 1,600 kilos. They also seized 432 liters of fuel and communication radios among other items.